Seminar on Eye Strain Diagnosis

In conjunction with the West Java Optician Meeting (Iropin), PT Berjaya conducted an in-depth seminar on refraction technology.

Technology for objective refraction have evolved rapidly over the past century. A standard automated refractometer can now perform objective measurement of a normal eye with seconds. Thus, we are at peak of the conventional REF/KER technology

Nonetheless, as time goes, other problems apart from refractive impairment arises. With the changes in lifestyle towards more near-oriented activity (looking at computer screens, tablets and phones), eye strain has become more prevalent. Eye strain, while a hassle to patient, is simply not detectable by any conventional means of refractive diagnosis.

The Righton Speedy-i Autorefractor becomes the answer to the problem. This machine is able to quantify a person’s eye strain level by detecting the High frequency vibration at our eye’s cilliary muscle. This will be very helpful for an optician to explain to his or her customers about the eye strain, and to prescribe anti-fatigue lens or computer lens to alleviate the patients problems.