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YEASN YPB-2100 LCD Vision Chart

Innovation, know from sense

YPB-2100 is Yeasn’s next generation LCD visiob chart. The Viewing angle, color, gamut and so on has reached the peak level of the PLS panel, realized the extremely sharp and fine image quality. The hardware configuration and technology has been far beyond the traditional concept of vision chart, more advanced than the mainstream products of the same kind.

178° S–PVA
Superior experience of quality, constant frontal brightness, clear and sharp picture.

Non flashing screen+ Blue light filtering technology
Truly does not flicker at full brightness range, alleviate eye fatigue of long time use, short wave blue ray filtering technology, under the premise of ensuring picture quality, and reduce the damage of high-energy visible light to the retina.

Maximum brightness is 250cd/m2 , HD translucent
The PLS LCD panel which used for YPB-2100 achieves 30% transmittance enhancement, the whole image is smooth and transparent, each pixel is efficient, and the vision field is more com- fortable.

Testing distance can be adjusted continuously
Can choose the testing distance according to your test room area; YPB-2100 offers a range of 1.5 meters -7.3 meters, ac­ curate to 0.1 meters continuously adjustable working distance.

USB flash disk update system
YPB-2100 can be very conveniently update the system by USB interface, only need to plug USB flash disk with updated software into the USB interface, then set menu through the system.

System integration solutions
YPB-2100 is able to connect with YPA-2100 network by WiFi, to build a comprehensive optometry system with high integra­ tion. YPA-2100 pad can take over full control of the YPB-2100 when the network is available.

Extensive optotypes collocation
YPB-2100 provides a wide variety of optotypes selection, including E, C, alphabet, numbers , children, standard ETDRS, color blindness and a variety of special visual opto- types, total 140 groups

Contrast sensitivity test
Contrast sensitivity test is a method of analyzing the con­ trast perception difference of visual cells. By identifying the direction of the sine wave light shed, we detect the tendency of the contrast sensitivity of the human eyes, which change with the spatial frequency.

YEASN YPB-2100 LCD Vision Chart

Size 21.5″ PLS
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Max Brightness 250 cd/m2
Input AC100-z>40V, 50/60Hz
Output DC12V, 7A
Power SOVA
Size and Weight 519mm(W) x 328mm(H) x 70mm(D) I 4kg
Remote 55mm(W) x 186mm(H) x 17mm(D) I 80g
Working Distance 1.5m-7 .3m(minimum adjustment unit is 0.1m)
Interface USB*4 Audio
Installation Type Desk-supported, Wall-mounted
Basic optotypes E, C, alphabet, numbers , children
Functional optotypes XC lens , binocular balance, aniseikonia , heterophoria, stereopsis
Mask Type single mask, horizontal mask, vertical mask, Red/Green mask
Special Testing color blindness, Munsell color chess, contrast sensitivity, Amsler grid