Righton original retinoscopy measurement principle achieves extremely fast auto REF/KER measurement

Measurement speed is 30% faster than the Speedy-i/K. (REF: 125 ms/7 times, KER: 260 ms/1 time) Measurement begins immediately after alignment. In addition to KER/REF continuous measurement, auto and continuous peripheral kerato measurement are also conducted. The pupil distance is automatically detected, Each measurement can not only be manually operated but also set to start by a single joystick operation for high-speed measurement

Selective fogging method

In addition to normal fogging, more precise fogging is possible by selecting A2 using the measurement mode key. This kind of fogging is useful for reading the eyes of patients with unstable eyes etc.

Various auxiliary functions for stable measurement

The light intensity can be changed with 3 steps. H (high) is added to measure unstable pupils (conventional H is the same as M with K2). The unique fireworks picture chart enables astigmatism patients to focus on any of the meridian lines so that the patient can follow the picture. When the pupil diameter is smaller than 3mm, the light intensity drops automatically.

Pupil size measurement

Pupil size can be measured during a refraction reading to allow for differences in eye pigmentation

Auto Quick mode and manual switch mode

Automatically starts even faster, a useful feature for restless patients, such as children and patients unaccustomed to treatment. When slower measurement is needed for any reason, manual switch mode is available by setting Auto Start to off, then measurement starts only when the joystick’s button is pressed.

Auto calculation of residual astigmatism

During REF/KER measurement, residual astigmatism is automatically calculated and printed out. This is necessary for astigmatic contact lens prescriptions and astigmatic °L.

Retro illumination mode

When measurement is unstable, opaque media such as cataracts can be detected using the monitor

LCD with 45-degree tilt for free measurement posture

The LCD can be tilted (0-45 degrees), allowing the examiner to conduct measurements from a standing or seated position. This allows the examiner to adjust instruments while checking the monitor

Easy changing of printer paper

To change printer paper, simply insert the paper roll and close the cover.

Low power consumption, lightweight and efficient design

Power consumption: 40VA (approx. 35% less than conventional models) Weight (main body): 13 kg (approx. 10% lighter than conventional models) Printout content is re-aligned to save printing paper.

Save measurement data of 50 patients

REF/KER measurement data of up to 50 patients (100 eyes) can be saved.


With I-Media, data communication with devices in other rooms is possible.