Full auto ref-keratometer designed for ease of use with multiple useful modes, versatile and compact.


Multifunctional switches in conjunction with the LCD monitor

These switches are conveniently located on the bottom and right side of the LCD monitor

Measurement in both the left & right eye with one touch

Using the motorized joy-stick,  begin measurements by pressing the measurement button. When the pupil is observed within approximately 1/4 of the screen, the refractometry and keratometry measurement gets started automatically for the right and left eye (during FULL AUTO).

Color LCD monitor with tilt function

The 5.7-inch LCD monitor can be tilted up to 40 degrees for easy viewing by the examiner. Even measurements from a standing position can be done without stress.

Auto-cut printer

A built-in printer with and auto-cut function is equipped.

Fine control (FC)

In instances where measurements cannot be obtained due to ocular opacity. such as cataract, the fine control function enables examiner to do the precise movement of the joy-stick to avoid the ocular opacity.

Tracking mode

Tracking mode is added so that measurements can be taken even if a patient’s eye is unstable during an examination. When tracking mode is ON, the working distance can be properly maintained until the measurement is actually done.

Motorized joy-stick

A motorized joy-stick with measurement start button is adopted, so operation is easier.

Auto alignment allows RETRO mode

Using auto alignment, it is possible to perform measurements with retro-illumination by observing in RETRO mode. It helps to observe the condition of ocular opacity such as cataract or vitreous opacity. The transfer of such images (bmp.) can be done via LAN.

Size mode

Using the motorized joy-stick, the size of the cornea or pupil can be measured.






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