New Generation Zoom slit lamp, with sharp zoom optics and superior imaging quality

  • Converging-type zoom microscope (12.5°)
  • 5x wide zoom ratio, yet a shorter reaching distance of 317 mm and a longer working distance of 100 mm.
  • Two eyepiece magnifications are available.

12.5x eyepiece: Total mag. 5.9x to 32.5x (field of view: 38.3 mm, field number: 18.0 mm) 15.0x eyepiece: Total mag. 7.1x to 39x (field of view: 38.3 nun, field number: 18.0 mm)

  • Sharp and clear high-resolution zoom optics — inherited technology
  • A CCD digital set can be mounted on the NS-2D Clinical Set.

PD adjustable with one hand only

Right and left eyepiece tubes are synchronized, so PD can be adjusted with one hand only

Built-in barrier filter (standard equipment)
Simple dial operation makes it easy to set filter on and off. Fluorescence images can be captured when a blue filter is also used.
Fixation lamp

Easy-to-use flexible arm; yellowgreen LED
Wider eyepiece diopter adjustment range

Eyepiece diopter adjustment range has been widened to ±8D with 12.5x eyepiece and ±6D with 15x eyepiece. The high eye position design makes viewing easier.
Slit length

The maximum slit length is 16 mm. Preset lengths of 00.2, 1, 2, 5, 10, 14 mm and continuously variable lengths of 0 to 12 mm are also available,
Wideangle isocentric movementWhen isocentric knob is loosened, slit can be moved 8 mm to right or left, Convenient for retroillumination and scleral scatter for corneal surface

Wide view & high magnification

With 12.5x eyepiece:5.5x wide view; operator can see all of anterior segment when using slit length of 16 mm. (Diopter adjustment range is ±8D.)

With 15,0x eyepiece:Magnification up to 39x (Diopter adjustment range is ±6D.)


Heat-absorbing filters x 2 pcs,  ND(28% reduction), red-free, blue, UV cut (constant)

Slit tower tilting

Slit tower can be tilted, with stops at 5°, 10°, 15° and 20°.

New-generation Zoom Slit Lamp

NS-2D Digital Photo Set

  • Images can be captured with a simple press of the joystick
  • CCD digital images (1/1.8-inch CCD, UXGA 1600 x 1200 pixels)
  • Both movie and still images can be captured.
  • Still images can be captured from LCD monitor in real time.
  • Movie frame rate is 15 fps with PC incorporating Intel®/AMD6CPU 1.0 GHz or higher*
  • Movie SVGA: 800 x 600
  • When the cross slide table is moved, NS-2D automatically distinguishes between right and left eye. The image is displayed on NS File.
  • Three brightness levels are available for NS File that suit eye color pigmentation or condition of patient: [LIGHT EYE] (blue, green, hazel, etc.), [MEDIUM EYE] and [DARK EYE] (dark brown).
  • Image capture files Original NS File comes with digital photo set. Beam-split ratio is 70% for camera and 30% for eyepiece