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The product that pursues comfort and flexibility.  Everything is user-friendly. With the new LED light source, achieve superior lighting, power saving, and longer lifetime.


– The optics system can adjust the illumination Light Mirror and the Observation Mirrors separately and individually that it provides the absolute flexibility in choice of the observation angle even for the periphery of the retina. It serves the maximum freedom in any severe and rare angle.

– The coaxial adjustment knob for the illumination Light mirror and the Observation Mirrors can be operated respectively and continuously with one single hand. The instant and precise shifting to all pupil size at any observation angle is simply on the tip of your finger

– The newly adopted Head Pad of Wet Suit Material secures the durable wearing of the head band and the utmost comfort. This washable material is ideal for keeping you instrument neat and clean in use

– Small pupil : when examining even a small pupil, the stereoscopic fundus image can realized in the observation the same as a large pupil because of capability of moving both mirrors of illumination light and observation into the pupil area.

Pupillary Distance 54mm to 74mm
Observable diameter of pupils From Ø2mm
Illumination area 19mm, Ø50mm, Ø80mm (at the distance of 50cm)
Filters UV, Blue, Red-free filters
Bulb 6V, 10W halogen bulb (L-51)
Headband adjustment range 53mm – 63mm (depth is also adjustable)
Instrument dimensions 230mm(W) X 310mm(D) X 250mm(H)
Instrument weight 480g
Voltage input AC 120V or 230V
Power frequency 50/60Hz
Maximum power 20VA