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MW-50D Slit Lamp


* Employs a natural color LED light source with reduced blue that is perfect for slit images

* Wide magnification range enables both wide angle view detailed observation

* All optics are multi-coated and prove a brighter viewing system with 22% higher transmittance than existing models

* Slim body completely encloses cables


Ultra wide magnification range

A newly-developed microscope with drum-type 5-step zoom and fine optics. A new optical system enables bright imaging even at 50x magnification, Drum-type zooming makes it easier to adjust the magnification within the wider range of 5x to 50x, All optics for observation are multi-coated to enable clear and high-resolution images.Extremely high quality optics promised.


5x (oA4.5), 10x (022.3).16x (e142), 25x (o9.0), 50x Co4.5} Mag Wide: a term coined from ‘”magnification” and ‘wide’

High field of view eyepiece

Wide field of view observation is possible even when wearing eyeglasses. Eyepieces can be fixed to the microscope tube to reduce gaps.

Diopter adjustment range: =8D
Eye relief: 19.2mm

15° tilting tube (option)

15c• tilting angle allows observation with a natural posture for taller users. Also possible to reduce the angle for shorter users

Background illumination

Background Illumination is equipped in the arm unit as the standard. In addition to adjusting the brightness, the conveniently positioned Illumination knob can turn the Illumination on and off quickly and easily.

Detachable background Illumination is also available as an option to allow the examiner to change lighting position.

Convergence type eyepiece tube

The eyepiece tube converges at 8° from parallel optics for easy fusion, making more efficient, natural observation possible

Built-in barrier filter

Simple slide operation makes it easy to insert and extract barrier filters, High contrast fluorescence images can be captured when a blue (exciter) filter is used.

Fixation lamp

The yellow-green LED fixation lamp ss provided with an easy­ to-use flexible arm.

High operability

A new plate is employed for stress-free smooth focus adjustment.

Halogen color LED light source

An LED light source whose wavelength is much closer to a halogen lamp has been employed to give the slit lamp a bright, natural color. This eliminates the need for a filter to remove the common “bluish LED light” problem.

Bright slit with sharp edges

The bright LED light source provides a slit with sharp edges and consistent lightning.

A long 16mm slit tower height and filters

The 16mm slit tower height is compatible with a 5x wide view. The height can be adjusted in 7 steps (0.2mm, l mm, 2mm. 5mm, 10mm, 14mm, 15mm) and enables seamless adjustment between 0mm to 12mm. Fully transparent ND (12.5% reduction), green, blue. UV cut Incorporated.


Design and details can be changed without prior notice for improvements