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The MICRORUPTOR 6 Nd:YAG laser with triple aiming beam and excellent optics, based on the original CSO slit lamp SL 9800 (Zeiss type) or SL 9900 (Haag-Streit type) with integrated 5 times magnification changer (6,3 ×, 10 ×, 16 ×, 25 ×, 40 ×). Perfect and precise for superior results and efficiency.

The unique combination with a motorised ergono­ mic table and easy to understand operating controls ensures the highest convenience for both patient and doctor.

The CSO slit lamp SL 9800 or SL 9900 of the MICRORUPTOR 6 offers full insight into the Retina and thus a thorough peripheral examiniaton. Retinal treatment is possible in combination with the Meridian yellow or green photocoagulators which can be coupled onto the MICRORUPTOR 6 to a complete treatment system.

The unit is space­saving and can be ordered on a base plate which allows handy transportability and use on almost any table.

The endurable construction reduces the need for maintenance.

The triple aiming beam allows highly accurate focuss­ ing and treatment. This beam can be adjusted easily for brightness. It can even be set in a rotating mode if desired.

The user friendly display shows all necessesary laser parameters for safe patient treatment.


MICRORUPTOR 6 – the Nd:YAG laser for
• Posterior capsulotomy / pupillary membranectomy
• Iridotomy

for simple, fast, safe, precise and ergonomic treatment
• Ergonomic design for full patient and doctor access
• Motorised table (various models available)
• Left and right hand operation controls on column Easy to read control panel
• Posterior defocusing of the position of the treatment focal plane.
• Posterior offset 150 / 300 um
• Optimal and easy setting for Iridotomy with double and triple bursts (repetition rate 2×, 3×)
• Integrated CSO slit lamp SL 9800 or SL 9900, the economical choice for optimal view and examination
• Compatible with most CSO accessories
• Triple fixed or rotating aiming beam for precise and safe focussing
• Upgradeable to combination system with Merilas 532green laser photocoagulator or Merilas 577yellow laser photocoagulator.

Selected accessories from the CSO and Haag-Streit product range compatible:
• Beam splitter
• Co­-observation tube
• Digital photo and video adapter
• Laser contact lenses Tonometer

Meridian has been developing, manufacturing, and maintaining ophthalmic lasers for more than thirty five years.

A selected worldwide distributor network ensures comprehensive after sales support.

Laser source Q­switched Nd:YAG 1064 nm
Energy settings Adjustment in steps of 0.1 mJ from 0.5 mJ to >10 mJ continuous
Spot size < 10 µm
Cone angle 16 °
Defocus Posterior
Pulse duration < 4 ns
Pulse setting 1, 2 or 3 pulses per burst
Repetition frequency up to 3 Hz
Breakdown threshold < 1mJ (in NaCl)
Aiming beam Triple fixed or rotating mode beam (635 nm red < 1mW ), variable intensity enveloping the treatment laser beam
Spot size (aiming beam) 50 µm (approx.)
Cooling Passive air cooling (convection)
Electrical requirements 90 – 250 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 2.0A
Intended use Posterior capsulotomy, pupillary membranectomy and iridotomy
Type Original CSO slit lamp SL 9800 or SL 9900
Slit image width 9800 0 – 14 mm continuous
Slit image length 9800 0.2 – 14 mm continuous Variable
Slit image width 9900 0 – 12 mm continuous
Slit image length 9900 0.2 – 12 mm continuous variable
Slit image radial range ± 90 °
Magnification changer 5 times (6,3 ×, 10 ×, 16 ×,25 ×, 40 ×)
Radial movement to the microscope axis Horizontal ± 40 °
Filters Cobalt blue, redfree, heat­absorbing
Light source LED 6V
Illumination intensity 0 – 380 000 Lux

Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement.



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