To measure a human eye with ultra-precision, Huvitz’s wavefront technology can be the right answer. Human eye is unique as a fingerprint and requires a custom corrective solution. For this reason, we need fast, versatile and accurate methodologies for eye examination according to each individual customer’s unique vision correction needs, HRK 7000-A based wavefront technology has opened up new possibilities for diagnosis of ocular error.


Optimized optical system

Huvitz’s own developed MICRO LENSLET ARRAY creates a number of separated focal spots, of which the pattern provides valuable information about customer’s ocular system. And SLD (Super luminescent Diode) and highly sensitive CCD offers clearer images and secures accurate measurement result from ametropia, cataract and IOL.

Graphical display of refraction map

The graphical display of refraction errors enhances customer’s understanding and reliability.

Peripheral keratometry measurement

HRK-7000A provides peripheral keratometry measurement data that can be greatly useful for fitting contact lenses.

Reliable keratometry measurement 

HRK-7000A offers reliable keratometry data using 2 mire rings, and 2 LEDS.

Retro-illumination mode

You can see abnormal crystalline lenses, cataracts, and scratches of corneas helping you to determine how healthy the customers’ eyes are. With increased REF power, you can also check Sph, Cyl, and Axis that cannot be measured in normal mode.

IOL measuring mode

HRK-7000A determines the condition of eyes automatically to detect if there are IOLs or cataracts, and measures them

Pupil and iris size measurements

HRK-7000A can measure pupil, cornea, and iris size under 14mm in diameter by freezing the image

CLBC (Base Curvature)

Using the contact lens holder you can measure the base curvature of contact lens.

6.5″ Color TFT LCD

The 6.5″ color TFT LCD displays clear images and the image processing chip allows the LCD to show real time images.

Easy set up

The user-friendly interface allows users to set functions more easily, and the changes of settings can be done without moving the page.

Convenient one-touch lock

With the convenient one-touch lock, the main body can easily be fixed to the base

High speed printer

The high speed printer prints out the final measurement results in 3 seconds. The printing paper can be changed easily by adopting the one-touch paper holder.

Realization of a total refraction system

HRK-7000A can be connected with HUVITZ digital refractor, Lensmeter and other devices to get data faster and have more accurate measurement result. It also can be connected with an external monitor to show the examination result to customers

Networking system

One HRK-7000A can be connected to multiple refraction systems easily and simply. The simple multi-networking helps to compose huge refraction center easily.



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