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Smoothness and Perfection HNT-1/1P
Soft & Smart Puffing, Corneal Thickness Compensation, Combined with Great Economical Value – A New Standard in Intraocular Pressure Measurement

The new tonometer HNT-1/1P measures customized intraocular pressure with smart function auto adjustable puffing intensity. Intuitive interface based on corneal thickness to compensate for IOP value, produces accurate measuring data immediately and effortlessly.


Auto-adjustable Smart Puffing Control for Intraocular Pressure

Its smart function is possible with customized intraocular pressure as it adjusts the puffing pressure level based on the patient’s own intraocular pressure. The moment the proper intraocular pressure signal is acquired, air pressure delivery stops, reducing the discomfort caused to the patient by unilateral high-pressure puffing.

Auto Tracking Guide Display

Automatic 3D tracking and focusing. User-friendly animated feedback for User, when outside of normal auto-tracking range, to help guide with the required joystick and chin rest adjustments needed.

User Friendly Interface

Anyone can easily use thanks to the user friendly icon-based intuitive interface.

Accurate Corneal Thickness Compensation

To measure accurate intraocular pressure, simply input patient’s corneal thickness on the HNT-1 to print-out compensated IOP value. (HNT-1) When using the built-in pachymeter, available on the HNT-1P, it immediately shows compensated IOP value. (HNT-1P)

CCT(Central Cornea Thickness) Measurement

Enables accurate measuring corneal thickness by utilizing the scheimpflug method. (HNT-1P)

Visualization for Corneal Thickness Measurement

Bilateral corneal thickness by visualizing cross section image of measured corneal thickness. (HNT-1P)

ACA(Anterior Chamber Angle) Capture

ACA cross-section capturing function helps to support the diagnosis of angle-closure which is one of the main causes of glaucoma. (HNT-1P)

Angle Measurement Function by Touch Screen

Utilize the ACA cross-section touch-screen, and the angle shows in graphic and numerical display with easy measurement. (HNT-1P)

High Resolution 7”Color Touch-Screen

By adopting a wide color TFT LCD, it produces a vivid, high resolution (with no afterimage) image with real-time processing chip. User-friendly and easy to use touch-screen.

More Accurate Safety Stopper Function

When pushing the safety button, it prevents contacting air nozzle to patient’s eye by means of adopting auto-sensor which initializes the position of the air nozzle.

Motorized Chin Rest

User-friendly and easy to use motorized chin rest.

High Speed Internal Printer

Built-in printer, conveniently and quickly prints measured data.

Network Data Transfer Function

Send measured data to external computer by RS-232C interface cable. (EMR compatible)

Power Saving Sleep Mode Function

Automatic sleep mode when not in use.