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CCQ-400/500 Focimeter

Classics, Derived from originality

* Green LED source, less thermal diffusivity but last a long life.
* Can be installed with Prism compensator.
* Ergonomic design optimized operational feel.

Manual focimeter series include / outside reading focimeter. Traditional optical concept perfectly combine with precision machining. Casting aluminum body structure , sealed illuminating system, durable in use.

CCQ-400/500 Focimeter

Sphere lens -25.00D-+25.00D
Step 0.25D(-5D-+5D,Step 0.125D)
Axis 0° -180° ,Step1°
Prism basal angel 0° -180° ,Step1°
Prism degree Standard Type0-5 A ,Step0.5A
Enhancement Type 0-20 t>,Step1 A
Lens diameter 016mm-080mm
Eyepiece visibility adjusting range -5.00D-+5.00D
Size and weig ht 280(W) x 150(D) x 450(H)mm/4.9kg
Power supply Input AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz ;Output DC 6V 2A